Florida Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Program (YTT-200)

YTT-200 is a comprehensive, deep dive into the ancient wisdom of yoga, creating practices on and off the mat, and preparing the student to become a yoga teacher and community contributor.


History of Yoga – We will explore the Ancient Origins and the development of Yoga through the Modern Era, the Yoga Masters and Sacred Indian Texts – the science and wisdom of Yoga.

We will study selected chapters and verses from the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā, and Yoga Philosophy – Sanātana Dharma, Sāmkhya, Yoga, and Vedanta.


Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics of Āsana for Yoga Practice, including alignment and optimal movement, variations and adaptations, benefits and contraindications, and safety principles.

Techniques, Training and Practice of Āsana, including Sanskrit, Integrity of the Spine, Function over Form, Repetition and Stay, and Science of Sequencing (preparation and counter poses) for each Āsana; Prāṇāyāma, Mudrā and Bandha; The Journey of Meditation; and Sacred Sound, including Mantras, Sacred Chants, Japa, and Mauna – the Yoga of Silence.

Subtle Bodies – Koshas, Prāṇa Vāyus, Nāḍīs, and Chakra System


Yoga as a Lifestyle – We will integrate the most beneficial yogic techniques and rituals into your daily practice and your life, including:

Paths of Yoga – Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rāja Yoga and Jñāna Yoga; Yama and Niyama; Kriyā Yoga – Tāpas (Discipline), Svādhyāya (Self-Study), and Īśvara Praṇidhāna (Devotion); Tantra and Inner Transformation; and Personal Yātrā (Spiritual Journeys).

Sadhana – Personal Integrative Daily Practice, Ṣaṭkriyā, and Rituals

Āyurveda – Doshas and Daily Routines


An integral part of living a yogic lifestyle is participating in and being a part of the yoga community. Multiple opportunities for community are incorporated in the training, along with volunteer and special event options. 

Sangha (Community) – Meeting with like-minded people; spiritual friendships and groups based on shared values

Seva (Selfless Service) – The opportunity to serve from the heart and contribute to family members, friends, and/or local and global communities.


A great Yoga teacher is experienced, knowledgeable, has great communications skills, is engaging, approachable, focused, and passionate about guiding aspiring yoga students. This program will share valuable tools on how to teach in the class room and offer opportunities to practice teaching in order to become a great Yoga teacher.

Ethics; Professional Development – Organizations, Credentials and Continuing Education; and Business of Yoga

Private Sessions, Feedback and Mentoring with Lead Teacher

The YTT-200 hour program aims to be inclusive and the information presented is made accessible for any level of students wishing to deepen their personal yoga practice, and/or attain the training and practice to progress on the path of teaching Yoga.

Yoga Alliance is a U.S.-based nonprofit membership trade and professional organization for yoga teachers. Yoga Alliance fosters and supports the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga. Upon successful completion of this training, practice and teaching experience, participants will be qualified to register as a RYT® 200 with Yoga Alliance.



Opportunities will be available to graduating students of the YTT-200 hour program to meet with the Lead Teacher to discuss overall experience and give feedback and guidance. This is an optional program and available upon agreement.

Join A Yoga Studio or Open Your Own Yoga Studio – The Lead Teacher will guide the new teacher in choosing where s/he wants to teach, and/or assist in all aspects of opening a new studio, including creating a business plan, creating a marketing plan, or any other ventures or projects as part of the Mentorship Program.