Event Date: October 6, 2018

Application Deadline: May 1, 2018

Welcome to the Big Bear Yoga Festival! This year we are hosting a FREE one-day event at the Performing Arts Center in Big Bear Lake, CA, in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. We are offering a limited amount of spaces to Artists and Vendors, and we invite you to apply by completing the form below.

A booth fee of $75 ($50 for nonprofits) for the free one-day event and provides you a fairly level space OUTSIDE in the forest and around the Performing Arts Center outside that will accommodate a booth area (maximum 10’x10′) and the opportunity to offer your food, wares or services. We ask that you abide by the rules, and you must sign a terms and conditions form. NO Camping is offered this year by the venue. Please note you will have to arrange for your own accommodations. OFF-SITE LODGING IS AVAILABLE IN BIG BEAR LAKE www.bigbear.com1-800-424-4232.

We are accepting applications for Visual Arts, Crafts, Spiritual, Holistic and Healing Arts, Vegetarian Food Offerings and other items related to the vision of the event. We are NOT accepting applications for imported or manufactured goods for resale unless approved by Big Bear Yoga Festival. We prefer animal-free products but will consider recycled or humanely gathered items.

EVENT HOURS: 9:30 am – 5:30/8 pm (end time pending) Saturday

VENDOR SET UP: 7:30 am – 9:00 am Saturday ONLY


VENDING HOURS: You are encouraged to open early and stay open late as we received feedback that students like to shop and meet vendors after dinnertime and later.

MINIMUM VENDOR HOURS: SATURDAY 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (We are working on an evening concert, and if that moves forward we encourage you to stay open until 8pm.)

TEAR DOWN: Saturday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm


*We are now doing all applications digitally here. Please make sure to:

  1. – Complete this application, including a detailed description of your offerings.
  2. – Post or Message 4 photos of your artwork/products and a photo or sketch of your booth to our facebook group here. (Returning Vendors do not need to send photos unless your products have changed or you have new photos you’d like to share with us for promotion. ALL VENDORS MUST EMAIL US NEW DIGITAL PHOTOS IF ACCEPTED FOR PROMOTIONS.)
  3. – Pay the BOOTH FEE IN ADVANCE. Your application will NOT be considered without prepayment of the booth fee via PayPayl (link below.) If your application is not accepted, we will refund the booth fee via PayPal.

For Festival information visit: and please join:

**ALL communication will be done via this Admin Facebook page and Messenger. All email inquiries will be directed to the Facebook page.  

Here is how to submit pictures of your offerings to our Admin Facebook Page:



By completing the below Application, you hereinafter are referred to as a “Vendor” and agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions. Violation of the Terms and Conditions can be cause for removal from the Event.

Big Bear Yoga Festival will provide “space only” on the Event premises.  Vendor will need to provide their own canopy or umbrella and display items. All canopies and umbrellas must comply with Big Bear Lake Fire Department regulations and must be certified as flame retardant. Fire department officials may ask for a certification tag or documentation. All canopies and umbrellas must be weighted or staked down to prevent weather related damage.

Booths must be inhabited by one or two people and open for business during all vending hours. No open flames or smoking are allowed. No drugs or alcohol are permitted in vendor booths. No pets are allowed except for service animals.

You grant permission to Big Bear Yoga Festival to use photographs of your exhibit for its own purposes.

All vendor fees are non-refundable.  Big Bear Yoga Festival takes place rain or shine; and there will be no refunds if you don’t like the weather. If you have to cancel for any reason, please let us know as soon as you know. Thank you.

There is no camping or accommodations this year!  

Tear down will begin at 5:00 pm Saturday evening and not before then.

All vendors are required to have a California Sellers Permit to sell their wares. If you do not have a permit, you must apply for a temporary sellers permit. For information see: All vendors are responsible for collecting sales tax due to the State of California. The sales tax rate is 8.00%.  The Big Bear Yoga Festival is required to submit a list of all participating vendors to the State Board of Equalization.

By applying to Big Bear Yoga Festival, you are not guaranteed a vendor space at the event. Prior participation does not guarantee you a space at the event. Booths are to be used only for the purpose stated on the Application.  Only items listed on the Application and approved by Big Bear Yoga Festival are to be sold or distributed. Big Bear Yoga Festival reserves the right to refuse anyone’s participation at this event and does not guarantee your success at this event.


I, myself, and my company and representatives, agree to hold Big Bear Yoga Festival, the Performing Arts Center, the City of Big Bear Lake, and their owners, agents, employees, sponsors, participants, volunteers, and affiliates harmless from any claims from, or due to, the acts of myself, my agents, and/or my employees, participants, volunteers, and/or for any loss and/or injury to people, and/or property of any nature.

Applicant hereby certifies that she/he has read this Application in its entirety, understands its contents, and will comply with all terms and conditions.  Applicant further understands that failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in early termination of this License to Occupy.

Pay the BOOTH FEE IN ADVANCE. Your application will NOT be considered without prepayment of the booth fee via PayPal.

Vendor 10x10 Booth Space


Have you paid the booth fee via paypal?

Have you posted or messaged your pictures to ?

By signing here you certify that you have read this Application in its entirety, understand its contents, and will comply with all terms and conditions. You understand that failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in early termination of this License to Occupy.

IF ACCEPTED, FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Declined application fees will be returned via paypal.

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