Lots of Music, Movement, Health, Vegetarian Food & Fun!

Where: YMCA Camp Oakes at 47400 Monte Vista Drive, Big Bear, CA 92314.

Directions: http://www.lbymca.org/campoakes/directions

11924777_518501298298300_8829204236640046644_n        11904652_518501221631641_4196278580468911855_n        1510028_248930888599287_1086696588_n (2) Our simple lodgings are a perfect fit for your festival experience. From dorms with shared baths to camping sites with shared baths, we have accommodations to suit every budget. PIC_ (236) Many people ask us why we serve vegetarian food in our Dining Hall. The answer is simple. A primarily vegetarian diet fulfills one of Big Bear Yoga Festival’s core values—sustainability. It consumes less resources and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. If you’ve never eaten a vegetarian meal, we encourage you to try it. You’ll be surprised by how hearty and flavorful vegetarian food can be, and how good you’ll feel eating it Namaste

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