Yoga Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Big Bear Yoga Festival 2017

Something new – a FREE 1-day festival of music, movement, health & fun! You can choose from lectures on health and wellness, a wide range of yoga classes, music, live music and guided meditation along with lots of amazing vendors! Absolutely plan on coming, it will be phenomenal! No ticket is required, but please reserve your spot by clicking here so we know how many people to expect! Namates!

Where is the festival being held?

Where: NEW VENUE: Performing Arts Center (PAC), 39707 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

When is the festival?

October 14, 2017 – Saturday – 1 Day Only – Registration Opens at 8:30am – Please reserve your spot online at the Big Bear Yoga Festival Facebook Event Page – Click Here

What should I bring?

We love the mountains, but weather can vary and you should plan accordingly. In October the days can be warm, and the nights cool to chilly. Bring hats, sunscreen, and appropriate clothes. This year camping and accommodations are NOT available, so please adjust your plans. Make sure to bring any necessary items to make your stay fun and relaxing. Oh, and of course your yoga mat and any props you prefer using! A blanket or meditation cushion is helpful if you plan to participate in meditation. You may also want to bring a notebook and pen, a refillable water bottle, slip-on shoes and of course, comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely.

What is going on at the festival?

We have multiple yoga classes going on during the one day event, including music, movement classes, lectures on health and wellness, guided meditation and more! Come ready for fun and willing to share in your great energy!

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, but ABSOLUTELY no pets whatsoever (except service animals). “All Service Animals must wear visible Service Animal ID at all times, such as a vest or harness. Service Animals must accompany their guardian at all times and cannot be left alone outside, in tents, dorms, etc. If you need special assistance with your Service Animal, please contact us in advance.” We love animals, but they should stay home where they are safe.

How far is the festival from Big Bear or other amenities?

The festival location is about 5 minutes away from Big Bear Lake and Big Bear City. We love Big Bear, so make sure you take time to check it out too! Lots of shopping, great hikes and don’t miss the lake! Grocery stores, restaurants, banks and hotels are just a short drive.

Is there cell phone coverage?


Do I need to bring water?

FREE water is readily available from the camp.

Are children welcome?

YES! Children are welcome! We do NOT provide child care, please plan accordingly. 

Who should come to the festival? What about people new to yoga?

Everyone is welcome! Anyone new to yoga is especially welcome – we have beginning, easy and introductory classes just for you! This is a wonderful opportunity to explore and try something new! More experienced students will also have a wide range of classes to pick from, and an opportunity to deepen your practice. Bring an open mind!

What is not free? Can I make a donation?

Entrance to the festival and all classes are totally free! If you want to make a donation, we will have a “pass the hat” at the entrance and appreciate your support as there are expenses including: $145 yearly website hosting, $25 image design, $12 copy paper, etc… If you are able to help it is appreciated!

Vendors will also be at the Festival this year and offer amazing services and items!

Are meals available?

The amazing Vegan Tamale Company will be offering the best food ever!!!

What is the cancellation and refund policy? What about bad weather?

We love all weather and will have the festival no matter what. There are plenty of indoor spaces we can adjust and utilize. In the event of inclement weather we will adjust the schedule and move classes, but still have the festival. For vendors, there are no refunds even for inclement weather.

Are accommodations available?

No accommodations are available this year (2017). Please adjust your plans but do come join us for the day! Nearby accommodations are available in Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake!

Is there a check-in procedure at the festival?

You must check in at the festival at the venue. Please check in Registration.

Can I pass help spread the word about the Big Bear Yoga Festival?

Yes! We would love your help! Here is how:

1. Like and share our Facebook posts about the festival.

2. Invite your friends to come to the festival.

3. Tell any amazing vendors about the festival and encourage them to apply.

4. Tell any amazing teachers or musicians about the festival and encourage them to apply.

5. Share the news of the Big Bear Yoga Festival October 14th with any Yoga Studios you know!

Is there storage of my personal items like yoga mats?

No, there is no storage for your belongings. We strongly discourage bringing any valuables to the festival. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items throughout the festival.

What should I expect at the festival?

Expect a beautiful yoga event in the San Bernardino Mountains. We play under the sun and stars. Our yoga workshops are held inside and outside. The vending area is simple. There is running water and bathrooms. More than anything, expect a welcoming and fun festival full of music, movement, health and fun!

Is there camping?

Camping is not available this year. Accommodations are not available at the location. Please adjust your plans but do come enjoy the day with us!

Can I volunteer the day of the festival?

Yes! We would LOVE to have your help! It takes a village to have a community offering like this. Please fill out a volunteer form so we know what you want to do and when. You can find it by clicking here.

Can I come early and stay late?

No, our location is not available early or after the event. However, we encourage you to explore the cities of Big Bear City and Lake. There are accommodations and plenty to do in town! NO EARLY CHECK IN IS AVAILABLE. Registration opens at 8:30am.

What are the food options?

We are offering the Vegan Tamale Company at the Vendor Village! YUMMY!

Can I bring my own food?

Yes! You may bring and prepare your own food. However, there is not food storage or preperation spaces. Fires are not permitted.

Do I need yoga experience to attend the classes?

You do not need any experience for the majority of classes. All our teachers are trained professionals, and can accommodate beginners. Classes are marked by level of difficulty. Classes geared towards intermediate or advanced students are identified for your information.

Can I bring a pop-up canopy or screen house?

This year the new location does not permit pop-up canopies and as the live music will be indoors it probably will not be necessary for you to bring one.

Are there bathrooms and running water?


I am a teacher, musician, artist, or vendor and would like to participate!

Wonderful! Please click here to fill out an application. ALL communication for teachers, musicians, artists and vendors is being handled via Facebook this year. Deadline for application is July 1. If you know anyone who is available to volunteer, they can also fill out a volunteer application following the same link.

What may I not bring?

Please, no pets. No loud music. No drinking and no drugs. No selling things without a vendors spot. Sorry, NO alcohol. NO judgment.

Can I just show up?

No, RSVP is REQUIRED. We really appreciate knowing how many people to expect so we can accommodate with parking and class sizes. Please RSVP online at the Facebook Event Page and update if you are not able to attend. Thank you!

Do I have to sign up for classes in advance?

No. All of the classes are open to all festival goers, first come first serve. You may choose to take whichever classes you wish, when you wish.

How do I get to the Big Bear Yoga Festival?

The festival is easy to drive to, and is within a few hours drive from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Orange County, and San Diego. We encourage people to carpool! Coming from a distance, you can fly into the Ontario Airport. There are a few commuter buses too.

Can I volunteer?

We love volunteers!!! The festival can not happen without them! Please find out more by clicking here!

Do I have to pay extra to take Yoga Classes and Workshops?


What if I still have questions?

Please direct all questions to our Facebook page, Event Page or Facebook Messenger. We are not able to return calls or emails at this time.

Anything else?

We want you to have the best time at the Big Bear Yoga Festival! Bring yourself and your amazing gifts and energy to share. Leave any worry, let it wash away as you travel to come to the mountains and open your heart to an amazing experience. Focus on bliss, having an open heart and open mind. Say hello to someone new, met a new friend, give someone a hug and connect with new people. Share your thanks and appreciation with the musicians, volunteers and teachers! YOU ARE A BLESSING