Are you just beginning yoga? Here is some basic beginning yoga information to help you feel at ease and knowledgeable in any yoga class!

What yoga classes should I look for if I am beginning yoga?
Beginner’s Course- Offers a great introduction to yoga. Learn the basic poses with an experienced teacher in a safe environment. Most yoga studios will have a Beginner’s Course (or it might be called Intro to Yoga or similar title.) For those beginning yoga, this is the perfect place to start.
Restorative Yoga- A sequencing of passive and inverted poses for various conditions, including stress and fatigue. All levels of students may benefit from this unique class. Let the teacher know you are just beginning yoga practice for their help and support.
Private Instruction- This is offered to students, who due to therapeutic need or simply desire, prefer to study alone. A teacher comes to your place of business or home to offer private instruction or a small group class. This option is also possible in a traditional yoga studio setting. For beginning yoga students, this is a great option.

Before You Practice Yoga
– Wear comfortable exercise clothing and bare feet.
– Please do not wear perfume, oils, or heavy jewelry.
– It is best not to eat a large meal before class. A light snack an hour or two before class is okay.
– Plan to tell the teacher before class of any and all medical conditions you have, so that poses can safely be tailored to meet your needs.
– Turn off phones.

Two Basic Words in a Yoga Class
Asanas – The physical movements or poses in class. Actually moving your body.
Pranayama – The breathing practice in class. Actually breathing deeply or in a methodical way.

What is Yoga?
There are many definitions of yoga. We suggest that you start to explore your own yoga practice and find out what it means to you. It is like asking for what love is. Love can be many different expressions, feelings and experiences. The word “yoga” means “union” or “connection.” For some people yoga is only a series of exercises and stretches. For others it is the form by which we find a higher living in union with ourselves and life. Yoga is a journey that takes time. Yoga is amazingly broad and rich and an opportunity for you to explore movement, breath and awareness.