Here is a top 10 list of the basic yoga poses – these are poses you will find in many yoga classes.

Basic Yoga Poses:
• Foundation yoga postures including basic Standing, Seated and Reclining Poses.
• Learn modifications and easy poses to practice at home!
• “Sun Salutations” are a critical part of the Yoga Basics, but are a sequence of poses, not one pose.
• Savasana is also an important part of a yoga practice. It is deep relaxation, usually at the end of a yoga practice.

1. Cat – Cow (Kneeling, Seated, Seated in Chair, Standing)
2. Downward Facing Dog (Right Angle at Wall)
3. Lunges (Knee down or up)
4. Child’s Pose (Modifications for knees & neck issues.)
5. Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Pose
6. Tadasana – Mountain Pose
7. Crescent Moon Pose (Seated Side Stretch or Standing)
8. Triangle Pose
9. Reclining (Knees into Chest, both and one at a time, knee bent and on ground)
10. Easy Rotated Stomach Pose (Twists)