Basic Asana Sanskrit Words

Are you new to yoga and wonder what all of those words mean in yoga? Everyone else in class seems to know! Here is a list of Basic Asana Sanskrit Words to help you in your yoga practice.

Adho-mukha: Face downwards. (Adho-mukhasvanasana, Downward facing dog pose.)
Ardha: Half.
Asana: Pose.
Baddha: Bound, caught, restrained, firm.
Bhuja The arm or the shoulder.
Bhujanga, Bhujangasana: A serpent, a snake. Cobra pose.
Chandra: The moon.
Chatur: Chaturanga The number four. Four limbs – push-up position.
Danda: A staff.
Dhanu: A bow.
Dwi, Dwi-hasta: Two, both, Two hands.
Dwi-pada: Two feet or legs.
Eka: One, single, alone, only.
Hala: A plough.
Hasta: The hand.
Janu: The knee.
Mala: A garland, wreath.
Mandala: A circle.
Matsya: A fish.
Mukha: Face.
Nava: A boat.
Pada: The foot or leg; also part of a book.
Padangustha: The big toe.
Padma: A lotus.
Parigha: A beam or a bar used for bolting or shutting a gate.
Paripurna: Entire, complete.
Parivrtta: Turned around, revolved.
ParivrttaTrikonasana: Twisting triangle.
Parsva: The side, flank; lateral.
Pasa: A fetter, trap, noose.
Paschima: West; the back side of the body.
Paschimottana: Intense stretch of the back side of the body from the nape to the heels.
Paschimottanasana: Seated forward bend.
Prasarita: Spread out, stretched out.
Purva: East, the front of the body.
Purvottana: The intense stretch of the front side of the body.
Purvottanasana: Pose of the intense stretch of the front side of the body.
Raja, Raja-kapota: A king, a ruler. King Pigeon.
Salabha: A locust.
Salamba: With support.
Sarva: All, whole.
Sarvanga: The whole body.
Sarvangasana: Shoulderstand.
Sava, Savasana: A corpse, a dead body. Corpes pose.
Setu: A bridge.
Setu-bandha: The construction of a bridge. Name of an asana in which the body is arched.
Sirsa: The head.
Supta: Sleeping.
SuptaVirasana: Supine hero pose.
Surya: The sun.
Svana: A dog.
Tada: A mountain.
Tadasana: Mountain pose; standing tall.
Tri, Trikona: Three. A triangle.
Upavistha: Seated.
Urdhva: Raised, elevated, tending upwards.
Urdhva-mukha: Face upwards.
Ustra: A camel.
Ut: A particle, denoting intensity.
Utkata: Powerful, fierce.
Uttana, Uttanasana: An intense stretch. Standing forward bend intense stretch.
Utthita: Raised up, extended, stretched.
Vajra: A thunderbolt, the weapon of Indra.
Vasistha: A celebrated sage, author of several Vedic hymns.
Vira: A hero; brave.
Virabhadra: A powerful hero created out of Siva’s matted hair.
Virabhadrasana I: Warrior I pose.
Vrksa: A tree.