“I have a cold,” “I am tired,” “I don’t have it in my budget.” These are all excuses we have given ourselves and heard about why we aren’t going to yoga class tonight or doing yoga at home. Did you know that yogic philosophy actually addresses these excuses and obstacles?

Which of these 13 Obstacles of Yoga have you experienced? All of them? Take a look at this list and see!

1. Vyadhi – Illness, disease, physical or mental.
2. Styana – Apathy, procrastinating.
3. Sanshaya – Doubting ones capability or the results of a yoga practice.
4. Pramada -Carelessness or a lack of persistence.
5. Alasya – Sloth, inertia of mind or body.
6. Avirati – Overindulgence, attachment to pleasurable things.
7. Bhrantidarshan – False vision, false idea or a premature sense of certainty.
8. Alabdha-bhumikatva – Non-attainment of the next yogic stage or accomplishment. Often creates a feeling of being stuck.
9. Anawasthitatwa – Instability.
10. Duhkha – Pain or sorrow .
11. Daurmanasya – Depression, pain caused by non-fulfilment of desires.
12. Angamejayatwa – The shivering of parts of the body.
13. Shvâsa-prashvâsa – Disturbances in breath retention causing the irregular breathing pattern that comes with mental agitation.