Teachers 2016


A big heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the amazing teachers who have been willing to share their love and gifts with us at the Big Bear Yoga Festival!

  • Girish

  • Girish is an eclectic artist with roots in jazz, world, and sacred music. His musical talents find expression in a wide [...]
Danny White
  • Danny White

  • Danny Loves Yoga. It is a practice that completely transformed his life aiding him in his recovery from drugs and alcoho[...]
Kathy Bolte & Bombay Rain
  • Kathy Bolte & Bombay Rain

  • Kathy Bolte and Bombay Rain began their collaboration at Big Bear Yoga Festival in 2014.  In February of 2016 they relea[...]
Carmen Curtis - AIReal Yoga
  • Carmen Curtis - AIReal Yoga

  • Carmen Curtis-owner and founder AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric (hammock), that swivels freely on a single point taki[...]
Ashley Fiala
  • Ashley Fiala

  • The atmosphere in Ashley's classes is light and friendly. She excels in her knowledge of yoga asana alignment, therapeut[...]
Jen Stillion Young
  • Jen Stillion Young

  • Jen Stillion is a dynamic and entrancing dance performer who blends elements of modern, mime, jazz and hip hop to create[...]
Kali Samadhi
  • Kali Samadhi

  • Kali Samadhi is a Kirtan/Bhajan Band dedicated to raising the universal consciousness through mantras and kirtan. JAI JA[...]
Kim Marin
  • Kim Marin

  • Kimi teaches yoga to help others find clarity in their mind, body and spirit. She guides students through their practice[...]
Julie Johnston
  • Julie Johnston

  • Julie began practicing yoga as a relief from her hectic schedule and stressful job. She quickly came to realize that yog[...]
Samuel Odiakosha
  • Samuel Odiakosha

  • Samuel believes that the connection of yoga to everyday life off the mat comes from what we do everyday and bring into o[...]
Tiffany Mladinichi
  • Tiffany Mladinichi

  • Radio show co - host at Thyroid Nation and founder, formulator and consultant at Grateful Garden. Grateful Garden is a [...]
Robyn Roux
  • Robyn Roux

  • "Robyn is a hula hoop dancer, teacher, and performer based in Los Angeles, and has always had a passion for movement. Pr[...]
Brian Shaheen
  • Brian Shaheen

  • Brian Shaheen, ERYT-200 RYT-500, I have studied under Leeza Villagomez for the last 5 years and I have completed my 500Y[...]
  • DoNutsAcro

  • DoNutsAcro began by combining instructors, Bien Hernandez-Ver and Heather Murillo's two favorite things: acroyoga and fo[...]
Dan Birker
  • Dan Birker

  • Listen to your heart beat - follow the rhythm along with Dan Birker and explore drumming at the Big Bear Yoga Festival 2[...]
Stevan Morris
  • Stevan Morris

  • Owner and maker at HamSa Handpans and Steel Slapper at SteVan Morris Handpan. Stevan grew up playing music in San Diego,[...]
Heather Murillo
  • Heather Murillo

  • Heather was drawn to yoga at a young age. Since high school she was interested in health and fitness and did her very fi[...]
Dr. David Phears
  • Dr. David Phears

  • There has always been a “Divine Hand” in my life. I truly believe that Life, or Infinite Spirit or God has looked out fo[...]
Nick Young
  • Nick Young

  • In Nick Young's childhood home playing music was as natural as breathing. As a young person along with vocals, guitar an[...]
Zach Jenkins
  • Zach Jenkins

  • Zach Jenkins was born and raised in the fertile green of Louisiana. During his time at Louisiana State University, Zach [...]
Christie Smirl
  • Christie Smirl

  • Christie Smirl believes that the power of healing resides inside everyone, this power only needs to be awakened! During [...]
Cheryl Slader
  • Cheryl Slader

  • A former professional dancer and showgirl, Cheryl Slader has been teaching dance and yoga for 30 years. Cheryl has been [...]
Lisa Aniello
  • Lisa Aniello

  • Lisa began practicing yoga in 1998 and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 1999. As a lifelong l[...]
Colin Schour
  • Colin Schour

  • As an athlete, student, teacher and outdoor enthusiast, Yoga came quite naturally to Colin… sort of. After years [...]
Marcella Linn
  • Marcella Linn

  • Marcella has been practicing Yoga for over 20years but a work injury led her to rethink her health and career. In Februa[...]
Bien Hernandez-Ver
  • Bien Hernandez-Ver

  • Bien teaches a vinyasa flow style class with options to increase or decrease intensity. He teaches beginner yoga classes[...]
Kathy Bolte
  • Kathy Bolte

  • Kathy Bolte is a Kirtan musician, singer - songwriter, yoga teacher, mantra teacher and facilitator of women's wisdom ci[...]