Teachers 2015


Amazing Teachers and Musicians from the 2015 Big Bear Yoga Festival!

Carmen Curtis - AIReal Yoga
  • Carmen Curtis - AIReal Yoga

  • Carmen Curtis-owner and founder AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric (hammock), that swivels freely on a single point taki[...]
Erin McGuire
  • Erin McGuire

  • Erin McGuire is an Iowa native, who now lives in Los Angeles. She has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga extensively[...]
Dan Birker
  • Dan Birker

  • Listen to your heart beat - follow the rhythm along with Dan Birker and explore drumming at the Big Bear Yoga Festival 2[...]
Anthony von Sager
  • Anthony von Sager

  • For over four decades Sensei Anthony von Sager has offered Qi Gong classes and workshops worldwide through “Get Fit for [...]
Kathy Bolte
  • Kathy Bolte

  • Kathy has been playing guitar, singing & composing music since she was 14.  In 2007, she was introduced to kirtan, m[...]
Ashley Yao
  • Ashley Yao

  • Ashleybaby Yao is full of happy, positive and loving creative energy. She has been practicing zen and yoga for seven yea[...]
Melanie Yetter
  • Melanie Yetter

  • (Buddha’s Love), founder and Abbess of Open Door. Melanie is an ordained Novice Zen Buddhist Monk, with The Five Mountai[...]
Erin Mcguire
  • Erin Mcguire

  • Erin McGuire is an Iowa native, who now lives in Los Angeles. She has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga extensively[...]
Stevan Morris
  • Stevan Morris

  • Owner and maker at HamSa Handpans and Steel Slapper at SteVan Morris Handpan. Stevan grew up playing music in San Diego,[...]
Lisa Harris
  • Lisa Harris

  • Being a first grade teacher by day - but a yoga teacher in the evenings and on weekends - has made Lisa masterful at bre[...]
Shawna Schenk
  • Shawna Schenk

  • "Yoga enables change. It enables prosperity. It enables experimentation, challenge, playfulness, and growth." -Shawna[...]
Brian Shaheen
  • Brian Shaheen

  • Brian Shaheen, RYT200, I have studied under Leeza Villagomez for the last 4 years and I have completed my 200hr YTT with[...]
Heather Murillo
  • Heather Murillo

  • Heather was drawn to yoga at a young age. Since high school she was interested in health and fitness and did her very fi[...]
The Conscious Groove
  • The Conscious Groove

  • The Conscious Groove shares their heart’s passion with joy and the intention to unite beings as One through music. Throu[...]
Leeza Villagomez
  • Leeza Villagomez

  • Formerly a Ford Model and having lived in more than 17 countries, it’s no coincidence Yoga came to be a way of living fo[...]
Bien Ful - ver
  • Bien Ful - ver

  • Bien teaches a vinyasa flow style class with options to increase or decrease intensity. He also teaches several of our b[...]
Gina Decker
  • Gina Decker

  • Gina Decker began the practice of yoga 17 years ago. A doctor had recommended she look into yoga to gain more flexibilit[...]
Dr. David Phears
  • Dr. David Phears

  • There has always been a “Divine Hand” in my life. I truly believe that Life, or Infinite Spirit or God has looked out fo[...]
Elka Haeckel
  • Elka Haeckel

  • Elka is a worldwide yoga teacher sharing a juicy yoga practice like none other. Since 2002, she has successfully own[...]
Leanna Hamilton
  • Leanna Hamilton

  • Leanna teaches Vinyasa Flow, where she integrates creativity, strength, and grace. Leanna believes that yoga is a form o[...]
Nick Young
  • Nick Young

  • In Nick Young's childhood home playing music was as natural as breathing. As a young person along with vocals, guitar an[...]
Carol Treadwell
  • Carol Treadwell

  • Carol Treadwell, LCSW; EEM-AP is a certified Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Advanced Practitioner www.innersource.net and Li[...]
Lemia Astarabadi
  • Lemia Astarabadi

  • Lemia is a passionate artist and teacher – sharing her love and devotion to oneness consciousness with the world in a fi[...]
Joshua Bowser
  • Joshua Bowser

  • Joshua is a practical spiritual lover of music and yoga.  He loves to share with all people the positive effects of sacr[...]
Christie Smirl
  • Christie Smirl

  • Christie Smirl believes that the power of healing resides inside everyone, this power only needs to be awakened! During [...]
Tim Catching
  • Tim Catching

  • Tim Catching has been playing music his whole life, and since discovering yoga some years back, he has learned a lot abo[...]
Cheryl Slader
  • Cheryl Slader

  • A former professional dancer and showgirl, Cheryl Slader has been teaching dance and yoga for 30 years. Cheryl has been [...]
Eddie Young
  • Eddie Young

  • Eddie Young has been playing music since the late 60’s… First it was Rock music, (Guitar, then eventually Bass Guitar) t[...]
Claudia Eads, MD
  • Claudia Eads, MD

  • On leaving her medical practice in 1989, at a time of great stress and loss, yoga found Claudia. For the first time, she[...]
Colin Schour
  • Colin Schour

  • As an athlete, student, teacher and outdoor enthusiast, Yoga came quite naturally to Colin… sort of. After years [...]
Activity Leaders
  • Activity Leaders

  • We are so excited to share with you some of the amazing activity leaders for the 2015 Big Bear Yoga Festival! Check back[...]