Teachers 2013

Amazing Teachers and Musicians from the 2013 Big Bear Yoga Festival!

Daniel Head
  • Daniel Head

  • Daniel Head, born and raised in Redlands, CA has always had a love for his community and a dream to bring Power Yoga to [...]
Zach Jenkins
  • Zach Jenkins

  • Zach Jenkins was born and raised in the fertile green of Louisiana. During his time at Louisiana State University, Zach [...]
Christie Smirl
  • Christie Smirl

  • Christie Smirl believes that the power of healing resides inside everyone, this power only needs to be awakened! During [...]
Tim Catching
  • Tim Catching

  • Tim Catching has been playing music his whole life, and since discovering yoga some years back, he has learned a lot abo[...]
Donna Dunmire
  • Donna Dunmire

  • Donna Dunmire is a meditation coach, yoga teacher, and stretch specialist.  She is also the creator of the Doprana Metho[...]
Cheryl Slader
  • Cheryl Slader

  • A former professional dancer and showgirl, Cheryl Slader has been teaching dance and yoga for 30 years. Cheryl has been [...]
Lisa Aniello
  • Lisa Aniello

  • Lisa began practicing yoga in 1998 and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 1999. As a lifelong l[...]
Alexis Cox
  • Alexis Cox

  • Alexis' journey as a yoga teacher and healer began when she dipped her toes in India, and ended up taking a full swim in[...]
Christina Newman
  • Christina Newman

  • Christina is a certified Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher, a grassroots community supporter, and an urban gypsy who has been s[...]
Cissy Brady-Rogers
  • Cissy Brady-Rogers

  • Cissy Brady-Rogers is a therapist, teacher and mentor. Her therapeutic work focuses on eating disorders, body image, and[...]
The Third Eye Band
  • The Third Eye Band

  • The Third Eye Band explores musical spirituality by any means necessary and through all necessary means.
The Clapping Monkeys
  • The Clapping Monkeys

  • The Clapping Monkeys kirtan band marries the contemporary sounds of cello, banjo and guitar with the more traditional so[...]
Claudia Eads, MD
  • Claudia Eads, MD

  • On leaving her medical practice in 1989, at a time of great stress and loss, yoga found Claudia. For the first time, she[...]
Colin Schour
  • Colin Schour

  • As an athlete, student, teacher and outdoor enthusiast, Yoga came quite naturally to Colin… sort of. After years [...]
  • Coco

  • Open your heart and sing your spirit! Coco's yoga journey included spending time as part of the Big Bear Yoga community.[...]
Titanya Monique Dahlin
  • Titanya Monique Dahlin

  • Titanya Monique Dahlin is the creator of Energy Medicine Dance! Energy Medicine Dance is a form of creative healing move[...]
Gina Decker
  • Gina Decker

  • Gina Decker is a master yoga teacher and the studio director at Green Tara Yoga in Upland, CA.  Gina began the practice [...]
Lisa Harris
  • Lisa Harris

  • Lisa Harris has practiced and taught hatha yoga since 1998.  An avid learner, she has received training and certificat[...]
Alona Smith
  • Alona Smith

  • Alona began practicing Yoga over ten years ago. A knee injury received after running a marathon led her to her first cla[...]
Amy Wheeler
  • Amy Wheeler

  • Amy Wheeler is the Founder of One Source Yoga.  She lives a life full of contentment in the mountains of Southern Califo[...]
Calysta Watson
  • Calysta Watson

  • Have you ever felt you wanted to get involved with yoga but didn't know how? Well here is an incredible opportunity to c[...]
Nancy Rascon
  • Nancy Rascon

  • Nancy Rascon is a beautiful light of energy and joy! At the Big Bear Yoga Festival she will be offering Transformational[...]
Scott Miller
  • Scott Miller

  • Scott Miller is the founder of Western Yoga College, a beautiful offering of teaching teachers how to teach! After study[...]
Siri Dharma Galliano
  • Siri Dharma Galliano

  • In 1975, Siri began teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditations by Yogi Bhajan, who gave her the spiritual name which me[...]
Karen Russell
  • Karen Russell

  • Karen Russell, producer and host, has always been a rare talent, an innovator and a leader. Her career began at the age [...]
Bien Hernandez-Ver
  • Bien Hernandez-Ver

  • Bien teaches a vinyasa flow style class with options to increase or decrease intensity. He teaches beginner yoga classes[...]
  • Ivy

  • Ivy did her first down-dog as a child of hippie parents in the 1970’s and has been drawn to yoga ever since. She complet[...]
Nicole K
  • Nicole K

  • Being a gymnast most of her life, Nicole was instantly drawn to the physical aspects of yoga. It was not until practicin[...]
Lisa Ann Gold
  • Lisa Ann Gold

  • Lisa Ann Gold is in love with helping find the best of yourself. She is versed in most physical forms yoga incarnates. T[...]
Julisa Smith
  • Julisa Smith

  • Julisa loves to laugh! Julisa Smith is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. She has been studying the health benefits o[...]
Lisa Vest
  • Lisa Vest

  • Lisa teaches a strong practice full of options to challenge students to find their edge. She loves to integrate a wide r[...]
Kathy Bolte
  • Kathy Bolte

  • Kathy Bolte is a Kirtan musician, singer - songwriter, yoga teacher, mantra teacher and facilitator of women's wisdom ci[...]