Teacher Bios

Amazing teachers at the 2013 Big Bear Yoga Festival! Please check back for updates for the 2014 line-up!

AIReal Yoga
  • AIReal Yoga

  • AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric (hammock), that swivels freely on a single point taking you to higher level. It allo[...]
Gillian Larson
  • Gillian Larson

  • Dream it, Believe it, Prepare for it, DO IT !!   Gillian Larson has never satisfied her appetite for adventur[...]
Christie Hall
  • Christie Hall

  • Suffering from joint and disc degeneration, I began studying yoga in 1995. The pain relief brought on by regular practic[...]
Julie Jackson
  • Julie Jackson

  • Julie Jackson opened Breathe Yoga Studio in Redlands, California in 2009.   Julie has had a desire to share l[...]
Yogi Ramesh
  • Yogi Ramesh

  • Yogi Ramesh is one of the finest laughing yoga teachers in the world. His ability to bring tears of laughter to all thos[...]
Leeza Villagomez
  • Leeza Villagomez

  • Born and raised in Corona, California formerly a Ford Model, having lived in more than 15 countries, it is by no coincid[...]
Carol Treadwell
  • Carol Treadwell

  • According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Energy Medicine is the last great frontier in medicine.”  Carol is a Certified Eden Energy [...]
Zach Jenkins
  • Zach Jenkins

  • While studying English Literature, Zach began practicing Buddhist Meditation. Soon, he began to synchronize Buddhist phi[...]
Lemia Astarabadi
  • Lemia Astarabadi

  • Lemia is a passionate artist and teacher – sharing her love and devotion to oneness consciousness with the world in a fi[...]
Cass Bartlett
  • Cass Bartlett

  • Originally from Australia, Cass had a very active lifestyle growing up with a background in gymnastics and running. She [...]
The Conscious Groove
  • The Conscious Groove

  • The Conscious Groove shares their heart’s passion with joy and the intention to unite beings as One through music.  Thro[...]
Joshua Bowser
  • Joshua Bowser

  • Joshua is a practical spiritual lover of music and yoga.  He loves to share with all people the positive effects of sacr[...]
Kartar Kaur
  • Kartar Kaur

  • Karen May's spiritual name is Kartar Kaur, translated as "Lioness/Princess of God's deeds" — an active, creative princip[...]
Jennifer Sparks
  • Jennifer Sparks

  • Jennifer Sparks - voice, flute, harp, guitar, piano and harmonium - is a classically trained musician with a degree in m[...]
Christie Smirl
  • Christie Smirl

  • Christie Smirl believes that the power of healing resides inside everyone, this power only needs to be awakened! Come jo[...]
Lisa Aniello
  • Lisa Aniello

  • Lisa began practicing yoga in 1998 and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 1999. As a lifelong l[...]
Miles Shrewsbery
  • Miles Shrewsbery

  • Currently an ‘American Institute of Indian Studies’ senior performing artist fellow for 2012-2013, Miles Shrewsbery will[...]
Yoga Das
  • Yoga Das

  • Yoga Das explores musical spirituality by any means necessary and through all necessary means.  With Grammy nominated Li[...]
Clapping Monkeys
  • Clapping Monkeys

  • The Clapping Monkeys kirtan band marries the contemporary sounds of cello, banjo and guitar with the more traditional so[...]
Claudia Eads, MD
  • Claudia Eads, MD

  • On leaving her medical practice in 1989, at a time of great stress and loss, yoga found Claudia. For the first time, she[...]
Colin Schour
  • Colin Schour

  • As an athlete, student, teacher and outdoor enthusiast, Yoga came quite naturally to Colin… sort of. After years [...]
Titanya Monique Dahlin
  • Titanya Monique Dahlin

  • Titanya Monique Dahlin is the creator of Energy Medicine Dance! Energy Medicine Dance is a form of creative healing move[...]
Gina Decker
  • Gina Decker

  • Gina Decker is a master yoga teacher and the studio director at Green Tara Yoga in Upland, CA.  Gina began the practice [...]
Lisa Harris
  • Lisa Harris

  • Lisa Harris has practiced and taught hatha yoga since 1998.  An avid learner, she has received training and certificat[...]
  • Alona

  • Alona began practicing Yoga over ten years ago. A knee injury received after running a marathon led her to her first cla[...]
Nancy Rascon
  • Nancy Rascon

  • Nancy Rascon is a beautiful light of energy and joy! At the Big Bear Yoga Festival she will be offering a beautiful comb[...]
Scott Miller
  • Scott Miller

  • Scott Miller is the founder of Western Yoga College, a beautiful offering of teaching teachers how to teach! After study[...]
Karen Russell
  • Karen Russell

  • Karen Russell, producer and host, has always been a rare talent, an innovator and a leader. Her career began at the age [...]
Lisa Ann Gold
  • Lisa Ann Gold

  • Lisa Ann Gold is in love with helping find the best of yourself. She is versed in most physical forms yoga incarnates. T[...]
Daniel Head
  • Daniel Head

  • Daniel Head, born and raised in Redlands, CA has always had a love for his community and a dream to bring Power Yoga to [...]
Kathy Bolte
  • Kathy Bolte

  • Kathy Bolte teaches BhaktiYoga, the yoga of devotion, the yoga of the heart. Her classes are themed on teaching a story [...]

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