Event Date: October 6, 2018

Application Deadline: May 1, 2018

Welcome to the Big Bear Yoga Festival! This year we are hosting a FREE one-day event at the Performing Arts Center in Big Bear Lake, CA, in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains.

*Once accepted to teach and you confirm, we are 100% counting on you to teach the assigned classes!

2018 Teacher & Musician REQUIREMENTS:

  • Provide any and all sound equipment you may need.
  • Provide a 185 x 185px / 2.47 x 2.47 inch picture of yourself or your band in JPG format to be used online and in promotions along with a bio. (WE ARE NOT ABLE TO RESIZE IMAGES. PLEASE PROVIDE THE CORRECT MEASURED IMAGE IN THE CORRECT FORMAT. For instructions on how to do this, you can google “resizing images” or see )
  • Have Facebook access, regular internet access and engage in all social media/communication about the festival, promotions, etc. It is necessary and crucial in communications.

2018 Teachers & Musicians Compensation:

  • This year’s festival is a free one-day event and there is no compensation available.
  • You are welcome to accept donations in your class or offering.
  • No overnight accommodations are being provided. Lodging is available in Big Bear Lake at / 800-424-4232.
  • You are welcome to mention products or services to sell or future events tastefully.

2018 Teacher’s and Musician’s Directions:

  • Teacher’s & Musicians are required to arrive at least 1 hour before their scheduled offering. When you arrive, go to the REGISTRATION BOOTH and register. Double check the schedule and confirm your teaching time and location.
  • Please be aware of beginners and their needs and remind students to listen to their bodies. If you see someone doing something that may cause injury to themselves or others, please stop them!
  • Should there be any issues, please try to reasonably resolve them. If there is a volunteer or helper in the class, you can ask them for help. If you are not able to resolve the issue, please ask a student to volunteer to go to the Registration Booth to get assistance.
  • Please stay on schedule. Teachers must set up and be ready to greet their students 15 minutes prior to their class start time. You may want to wear or bring a watch.


2018 Teacher’s & Musicians TERMS OF AGREEMENT

This is an Agreement between Big Bear Yoga Festival (hereafter ‘BBYF’) and those who wish to present at the Big Bear Yoga Festival, at Performing Arts Center (‘PAC’), Big Bear Lake, CA. on Saturday October 6th, 2018.

  1. Teachers agree to teach the activities described on the teacher’s agreement. Once you agree to teach, you understand that Big Bear Yoga Festival is 100% counting on you to teach.
  2. Just like when you teach regular yoga classes, each teacher accepts total responsibility for their classroom area with regards to safety, accident, or injury to yourself, the students or others. (Students are also required to sign a Waiver of Liability for any accident or injury.) BBYF and PAC assume no responsibility for any property brought onto the premises. This Agreement releases above parties and their agents from liability due to any loss or damage to such property, whatsoever the cause.
  3. Cancellations: Teachers agree to immediately notify BBYF via Annalisa IN WRITING via FACEBOOK MESSANGER AND via phone at 909-584-5270.
  4. Teachers understand that this is a grassroots event, and the class schedule may need to be adjusted to reflect new offerings, etc. Teacher are responsible for communicating any scheduling conflicts or issues. Teachers are expected to help spread the word and encourage people to attend the event – it takes a village to have a successful yoga offering! BBYF reserves the right to cancel any class or offering that we deem to be unsafe or if there is not enough student interest in the class or activity. Should “acts of God” or other unforeseen calamity cause the BBYF to be canceled, immediate notice will be given to all teachers/vendors. BBYF and PAC are fully committed to hosting this event but shall not be liable for claims of lost profits, business, or any other damage if the Festival, class or offering has to be canceled or rescheduled.
  5. If legal guidelines (copyright, etc.) exist for the use of the style or tradition name, attach a signed letter or certificate granting permission for you to use this style name from the entity holding legal rights. The instructor warrants that they have permission to use this style name at the BBBYF and that it does not infringe on the copyright of another. Instructor agrees to hold harmless BBYF for any claims and/or suits arising.

As a participant / subcontractor (not employed by BBYF) in Big Bear Yoga Festival, October 6th, 2018, to the extent permitted by law, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Big Bear Yoga Festival, City of Big Bear Lake and PAC, their agents and employees, against any loss, cost, damage, personal injuries including death, judgment or liability of any kind including legal expenses arising from or related to acts or omissions of participant.

For Festival information go to: and please join us at:

**ALL communication will be done via this Admin Facebook page and Messenger. All email inquiries will be directed to the Facebook page.  

How to Submit Your Pictures: – post your pictures as in this example:

OR – send us a message with your pictures, as in this picture:




Please mark all available times to teach on Saturday, October 6, 2018

For this class, what is the specific level appropriate rating:

For SECOND class, what is the specific level appropriate rating:

Have you posted or messaged your pictures to ?

Some sessions at BBYF may be photographed and/or video recorded for use in promotions and sales, such as online classes from the festival, examples of classes, promoting your class, etc. Photographs are standard and required. Video recordings are optional. I hereby give permission for images of myself and class captured during the Big Bear Yoga Festival through video (if YES below), photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of promotional material, sales and publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership.

By signing here you certify that you have read this Application in its entirety, understand its contents, and will comply with all terms and conditions.

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