Zach Jenkins


Zach Jenkins was born and raised in the fertile green of Louisiana. During his time at Louisiana State University, Zach began to practice meditation at a local Zen Buddhist Temple. Following the recommendation of a friend, he found the practice of yoga and enjoyed the synergy between the two. As his interest grew, he started to study the philosophy of yoga. As a Literature student, he began to devote more of his reading and research to yoga related topics, crafting a self-study in the union between myths, stories, and philosophical traditions of both the East and the West. Soon, Zach found himself inspired to learn more.

After graduating from LSU, he left Louisiana to learn more about many different wisdom traditions. Following his inspiration and heart, he traveled to the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York. Through this work-study program he was introduced to many spiritual teachings. In the midst of these teachings, Zach felt called to become a yoga teacher.

Zach answered this call by traveling to India. An influential Kundalini teacher had told him of an Ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was there along the banks of the holy Ganga that Zach fell in love with Yoga all over again. He completed his first Teacher Training program at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Following his training, Zach left for Dharamsala where he practiced Karma Yoga as an English teacher and first started to teach Yoga. Practicing high up in the mountains in the shadow of the Dalai Lama’s temple, Zach listened to the wisdom of many teachers. Feeling called to share this wisdom, he returned home.

Once home, Zach wished to listen more closely to the reverberations of the teachings. He had learned of the roots, the traditional yogic teachings from India; but he wished to learn more about what the teachings have grown into here in the United States. So, he decided to take another teacher training at Wild Lotus. After completing Soul School, he was asked to apprentice and then begin teaching at Wild Lotus.

Zach’s prayer is, “May this heart lead me from division to a vision of the sublime singularity, the union. May every heartbeat and every breath act as an offering to the benefit of all.”