Titanya Monique Dahlin


Titanya Monique Dahlin is the creator of Energy Medicine Dance! Energy Medicine Dance is a form of creative healing movement based on the work of holistic healer and her Mother, Donna Eden.

All her life, Titanya has studied many forms of sacred world dances, as well as being a lifelong student in the Esoteric and Healing arts. As an International Middle Eastern dancer for 30 years, Titanya has created Five Element Bellydance incorporating the ancient Chinese Five Elements. She and her sister, Dondi, teach these popular workshops, while empowering women in their own divine spirit at Omega Institute every year.

Titanya has been called “The Story Dancer”, as she is a professional Storyteller and Sacred Dancer who uses dance and stories to connect to her audiences.  Her own one-woman shows, Scheherazade ~ The Veil behind the Blade and The Transcendance of Inanna have enamored packed audiences all over the world.

Titanya brings a unique radiant joy to her Organic Energy Medicine Dance classes allowing her students to find their own Divine Energy within.

Always striving to bring programs that bring beauty, peace and healing to our ever changing world. Titanya’s joyful and healing offerings are explored at Awaken Divine Energy and Titanya Spirit.