Shawna Schenk


“Yoga enables change. It enables prosperity. It enables experimentation, challenge, playfulness, and growth.”

-Shawna Schenk,E-YT-200

These attributes have been a powerful part in changing Shawna’s practice, teachings and life throughout her yogic journey. Shawna Schenk, E-RYT 200, has been practicing–deeply–since 2008 and truly believes in the transformative power of yoga.She continues to transform–positively–every day, on and off her mat.

Shawna is the president of Y.E.S. (Yoga Education Society), a 501c non-profit dedicated to providing knowledge of yoga in the San DIego community through supporting studios and teachers and offering free and donation based classes, scholoarships, and workshops to the San Diego area. She runs the organization aiming to create a community: a place to feel like a home, to feel comfortable to learn and bask in celebrating health and most importantly, a place, that honors that integrity of yoga and what it truly is: growth for the physical, mental, and spiritual, a practice that enables you to explore your heart and soul.

Shawna currently teaches at TriPower Yoga in Ocean Beach. She gives private yoga lessons varying in private clientale, including those with chronic diseases or those just looking to bring peace and calm in to their life. Private lessons are her favorite as she enjoys growing and improving together, one-on-one. She is always happy to get a new student.

Shawna is also internationally known teaching quarterly retreats and trainings in Central America. She has created and leads 200-RYT teacher trainings–Yoga Alliance Certified–based on curiculum she has designed inspired from The Bhagvad Gita, The Yoga Sutras, and Hatha Pradipika.

Flowing with the teachings of her heart, Shawna aims to provide classes that are experiences—rather than monotonous movement. Her classes honor the integrity of yoga while meshing the beautiful energies of this world. Her classes reflect each sense through providing interactive experiences that impact smell, touch, sight, sound, and taste.

You never know what you will get in Shawna’s classes as creativity guides her teachings: she may be shaking up shots of coconut water (in her Happy Hour class), teaching you to pulse with the powerful, soul shaking beats of music (in her Dub-step Yoga class), pushing you to the edge emotionally through bringing “special guests” (like snakes) to workshops, calming and restoring your energy circles through visualization, color therapy, mantra, asana, and mudra (in her Chakra Series Flow), or implementing journal writing and art as you hold and flow through movement…you may laugh, sweat, be inspired or possibly cry…but you most definitely will connect and transform.

Reiki Level 1 Big Bear Yoga Festival 2015