Sarai Enriquez


Sarai began with Pranic Healing® in 2009. A wife of an Airman and mother of 3 at the time, she used to experience high levels of stress and anxiety that often affected her quality of life. Her husband Rafael actually sought Pranic Healing® out as a means to helping Sarai heal and began practicing the teachings the very first night of class.

Immediately Sarai felt relief and soon after took the healing into her own hands and learned how to heal herself with Pranic Healing®. The two of them have become advocates for Pranic Healing® and meditation throughout the Inland Empire, working closely with schools, Veteran Centers, Mental Health Centers, and with community members looking for other means of taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

Sarai will be teaching Super Brain Yoga. A class on how to use lower creative energy to boost your brain and vamp your development. This workshop is audience participation oriented. You will be taught specialized techniques
to “Scan” your own energy and brain power. You will be taught this ancient Indian exercise to move lower creative energy upwards and bilateralize your brains and boost mental and emotional clarity.