Eddie Young

Eddie Young has been playing music since the late 60’s… First it was Rock music, (Guitar, then eventually Bass Guitar) then over the years Jazz and World Music became new challenges. In 1995 Eddie (Cello, Bass and Flute) and his son Nick (Sitar, Bansuri Flute and Bass) formed a group called, “BombayRain” which played improvised World Music, with and Indian influence, all over Southern California. In 2001 Eddie discovered Kirtan, by way of the Siddha Yoga Meditation Centers in Long Beach and Los Angeles. There was no turning back. Eddie has played Kirtan with several popular bands a have dozen States across the country, India, several countries in Eastern Europe. Eddie also specializes in recording Kirtan music in his home recording studio.
Eddie has also been a Commercial Artist, specializing in humorous Illustration since 1985, and more recently, Video Production.