Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris has practiced and taught hatha yoga since 1998.  An avid learner, she has received training and certifications in many styles of yoga. Lisa is a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor, and also draws regularly on training which emphasizes precise alignment, therapeutic practices, and yoga as a way of connecting to your heart. In this way, she creates classes that are beneficial to the body and the spirit.  Her experience as a first grade teacher by day, but a yoga teacher in the evenings and on weekends, has made her skillful at breaking down and communicating the intricacies of yoga poses in a very clear, concise and transformative way.
Lisa will be offering “On the Balls – A Guided Self Massage Session” using the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls. This workshop will help you to massage out and soothe areas of the body that may have been overused during the festival, and relieve aches, pains and restrictions that you carry in your tissues in general.  Lisa teaches a class utilizing the Yoga Tune Up® method at Breathe Redlands Yoga.