Lisa Harris


Being a first grade teacher by day – but a yoga teacher in the evenings and on weekends – has made Lisa masterful at breaking down and communicating the intricacies of yoga poses in a very clear, concise and transformative way. She promises not to speak to you like you are in first grade! However, as you move in and out of poses in Lisa’s class she will speak to you about the nuts and bolts of your body. Anatomy, biomechanics, postural alignment, and the beneficial therapeutic aspects of yoga are Lisa’s passion and are integrated into each class in a fun and informative way. Her focus is on helping students get to know the areas of their bodies that may be underused, overused, or otherwise abused, and move them toward balance.

Lisa has practiced and taught hatha yoga at studios around Redlands since 1998. An avid learner, she has received certifications from Erich Schiffmann, Anusara yoga, Śraddhā yoga, and Yoga Tune Up®. Lisa also draws regularly on other trainings emphasizing practices that align, heal, stretch, strengthen and stabilize. Her repertoire includes the unique therapeutic element of self-massage with myo-fascial release balls, to relieve tense or restricted muscles, and help you live better in your body. You really ‘knead’ to experience these balls first hand in her class!

Lisa views the physical practice of yoga as a way of moving toward deeper awareness in our bodies, which ultimately leads to deeper awareness in our hearts. “When we focus intently on our breath and physical bodies, our minds quiet to the other distractions that create veils over our True Self and what we deeply desire in our hearts.” With wit and honest transparency, Lisa brings inspiration and healing to her students by helping them look at all aspects of life with a practical, life-supporting philosophy, on and off the mat.