Karen Russell


Karen Russell, producer and host, has always been a rare talent, an innovator and a leader. Her career began at the age of six in Erie, Pennsylvania at a local dance studio. By the time Karen was fourteen years old she was teaching dance and on her way to working professionally. Karen’s credits include performing with Madonna, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper.

She has danced on Broadway, performed in over twenty feature films, television commercials and has enjoyed two recording contracts with major labels. All the while, yoga was an integral part of Karen’s life.

She received her first yoga training in her early 20’s at a local New York City gym. Years later in her career, a dance injury lead her to a serious yoga practice that she continuous to enjoy to this day. Yoga was the one path that provided positive benefits to both her body and mind. Karen enhanced her yoga training by studying the Anusara teachings with John Friend and the flow techniques of Vinyasa.

She has traveled all over the world to continue her studies, conducting creative and exciting classes, retreats and workshops. Karen owned and operated the Yoga Groove yoga studio in North Hollywood for three years. She built an impressive clientele and then sold it to pursue her Yoga Groove production company. As a producer Karen created the Yoga Groove Double DVD set, The Introduction to Meditation CD, co –created the new dance manual and class called Danceworks for Yoga Works, joined forces with Doctor Hakimi to create the most innovative weight loss / life changing program called Vitox, and is now in production for her own health network show, which she will host this winter.

Karen has been embraced by many international and local Los Angeles companies such as an ambassador for The Lululemon Company, created the yoga / wellness classes for the Walt Disney Company, produced successful fundraisers for The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The Woman’s Care Cottage and The Global Mala events, she has contributed to articles in the Los Angeles Times, La Yoga and wholelife Times.

Karen has witnessed how this practice of movement with mind, body and spirit truly heals people, and it is her mission to continue to reach out to the community, offering the gift of yoga / wellness and dance to everyone regardless of age, race, religion or financial status..It is only natural that Karen’s life experiences would lead to the creation of Yoga Groove.

Yoga Groove is the culmination of over 18 years of her professional dance, music and yoga training. Karen has merged her love for these arts into one by creating the Yoga Groove Products and productions. The Yoga Groove DVD, Meditation CD, future dance/ yoga / fitness programs and TV show are informative, effective and fun! Move, Groove, laugh and just let go! Yoga Groove