Julie Jackson


Julie Jackson opened Breathe Yoga Studio in Redlands, California in 2009.


Julie has had a desire to share love since she was a child. When Julie was a two year old child, she would ask visitors who came to her home what kind of love they wanted. Then, she would embrace them offering love from her heart, using her limited vocabulary: offering the love of strawberries, numbers, or flowers. This path of sharing and teaching love has been her passion since she can remember.


After studying Education at USC, and Religion at Princeton, Julie taught in the public education system, as a professor at The University of Redlands, and currently teaches the practice of yoga.


Julie has studied and practiced a variety of different styles of yoga for 16 years. Her reverent and joyful, unique style of teaching allows her yoga students to accept all their personal truth, connecting and aligning with their own bodies, minds and spirits.


In her class, you will find physical alignment assistance in a flow based series, with an opportunity to remember and honor the “inner-teacher.”  Her classes create a vibration of love, release and freedom, as a personal and communal experience.


Her classes often have live music, or high-vibrational recorded music. Her musical choices during her yoga sessions reflect her passion of how music can support the brain and body for optimal health and joy. Her master’s thesis focused on the importance of music in Education. Her DVD, Yoga Music Union, which combines devotional music and yoga, has won numerous awards.