Jen Stillion Young


Jen Stillion is a dynamic and entrancing dance performer who blends elements of modern, mime, jazz and hip hop to create a totally unique and magical style.
Movement is her passion and it comes through in its purest form in her classes and performances. There is a powerful element of joy and celebration in her style that infects all around her.
Her excitement, passion and youthful enthusiasm come through in her relations with students and audience members. Jen has a charm and an easy way with people both adults and children. Jen truly has a gift to share with the world.
Jen’s love for dance blossomed at age 22 when she was given the opportunity to choreograph and perform a solo in front of five thousand people. Not having proper studio training in her childhood, this experience made her realize she had a natural performing talent and a genuine love for dance.
From then on, she continued her career in dance as a teacher, choreographer and solo performer for the next 17 years.
During that time Jen has toured internationally, performing with dance and mime troupes and studied under prize students of the legendary Marcel Marceau; Todd and Marilyn Farley.
She has also been a performer for spiritual centers, churches, life coaching events and workshops across Southern California. Other than her performing career, she has found joy in teaching!
She has taught and choreographed dance for all ages in professional studios and as well as elementary schools and preschools in Orange and LA County.
Jen Stillion not only loves dance, but she loves to inspire everyone and anyone to unleash their inner dancer and be truly themselves.