Heather Murillo


Heather was drawn to yoga at a young age. Since high school she was interested in health and fitness and did her very first yoga poses while on a family vacation in her hotel room. After the birth of her daughter; however, she began to establish a more dedicated practice. Suffering from stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety from the rigors of being a full-time high school chemistry teacher and mom prompted Heather to look for healing in yoga practice. She is a believer in the healing power of yoga because she has experienced it firsthand.
For Heather, yoga is about feeling good, never about competition, with others or one’s self. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies, take breaks if necessary, and just do what feels right. It is her goal that students feel refreshed after class, not completely burnt out, and even a little more at peace with themselves. Heather is excited to share her love of yoga with others that are ready to change their lives in the best possible way, by taking care of themselves and exploring their potential.