Donna Dunmire


Donna Dunmire is a meditation coach, yoga teacher, and stretch specialist.  She is also the creator of the Doprana Method (trademarked), a breath-focused, performance enhancement method for athletes and dancers.  Donna believes that anyone can learn to meditate, but that exploration is key to uncovering the discipline of meditation that works best for each individual’s physical, emotional, and mental needs.

“ My goal as a meditation teacher is to guide my students to the realization that meditation is not all about trying to get to some peaceful place outside themselves, but instead, to find peace within themselves.”

-Donna Dunmire

In Donna’s Beginner Meditation Class, you will explore the history, techniques, and benefits of various disciplines of meditation including Vipassana, Zen, yogic, and guided meditation.  At the end of the class you will be both better informed, and inspired to continue your own individual path of meditation.