Claudia Eads, MD


On leaving her medical practice in 1989, at a time of great stress and loss, yoga found Claudia. For the first time, she began to enjoy experiencing her body and quieting her mind, learning to release stress and relax, gradually letting workaholism go.

A couple of years later, on moving to Big Bear Valley, she looked for yoga classes, without success.  When a retreat leader suggested she take a teacher training course, she was dubious, to say the least!  But she did (has completed seven trainings, in fact!)  Since May 1994, Claudia has been teaching twice weekly classes at Park and Rec in Big Bear, CA. Claudia is a member of the Big Bear Yoga Community, sharing her love of yoga to all.

Claudia borrows from many sources for her classes, adapting to the needs and abilities of her students.  She teaches easy-does-it hatha yoga, sometimes easy, sometimes more challenging.  At the Festival, she will be teaching iRest Yoga Nidra, meditative, relaxing, very healing,  a profound transformative practice that can lead to lasting physical, psychological, and spiritual healing.