Kathy Bolte & Bombay Rain


Kathy Bolte and Bombay Rain began their collaboration at Big Bear Yoga Festival in 2014.  In February of 2016 they released their premiere album, “Wakefulness”.

Kathy is the band’s soulful vocalist and plays Guitar and Harmonium.  She also composes all the band’s chants. Eddie Young adds his masterful touch with Cello, Bass, Flute and Udu. Nick Young creates the band’s Indian/Eastern sounds with his Sitar and Bansuri Flute. Christie Smirl adds her deep, rich vocal responses. Daniel Birkir brings it all together with Drums & Percussion. 

Some reviews of their music include:  “They give the world their heart!”,   “Fresh, inspiring, joyful, calming, peaceful and groovy.” and, “You guys are like 4 hearts expressing in one voice”.

The band’s goal in offering their music is to create Sacred Space for the listener to connect to something bigger than themselves and to take a journey back to their own most sacred space – their own heart.