Betsy Laban


Betsy’s message is important for all to hear – Yoga is for every “body!”

After several years of teaching traditional Ashtanga / Hatha yoga, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. She found two Gurus, Dr. Larry Payne and Dr. Marc Halpern. She learned about Yoga Nidra and Prime of Life Yoga. Both helped her to see more clearly that her dharma included teaching what she learned to help heal herself to others. Prime of Life Yoga and Yoga Nidra changed her life and she wants to share that gift with you!

If you are curious about how yoga can be a way to move gently, join Betsy for Gentle Yoga at the Big Bear Yoga Festival. Her Gentle Yoga class uses dynamic and static yoga to warm up and stretch before holding poses. Beginner level class. All levels can benefit from this insightful and healing practice.

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