DoNutsAcro began by combining instructors, Bien Hernandez-Ver and Heather Murillo’s two favorite things: acroyoga and food. Sharing a six years of teaching yoga, they aim to spread the fun and excitement of yoga with a partner in a safe and supportive environment. The two believe that through trust and encouragement, all people can discover they are stronger and can do more than they ever thought possible. Heather and Bien are certified yoga instructors and although their adventures in acro continue to be largely self-guided, they have trained with some of the leading acro yoga instructors in Southern California and are always looking to expand their partner practice. DoNutsAcro can be found leading workshops and private lessons in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. When not teaching, the two can be found eating pastries and taking Instagram selfies (@donutsacro, @bienx2, @heathermurillo).