Ashley Fiala


The atmosphere in Ashley’s classes is light and friendly. She excels in her knowledge of yoga asana alignment, therapeutics, anatomy, and yoga philosophy. This knowledge comes alive in new, playful and varied sequences as she interweaves interesting and motivating themes that we can carry with us into daily life.

One aspect of Ashley’s teaching that is particularly strong is her knowledge of how the body works and how to accommodate for injuries and limitations. Ashley has always been available to help with anything that comes up in her class whether an injury or a spiritual insight.

She operates from a place of great integrity & wisdom and makes it all look easy & fun. She doesn’t teach from a place of loftiness or hierarchy, but meets everyone where they are, and celebrates that special spark in everyone. Ashley goes above and beyond as she teaches students of all levels and trains teachers to be their best.

Ashley dedicated 12 years of her life to studying the philosophy and alignment of Anusara Yoga. In those 12 years she has been fortunate to make lasting and meaningful friendships with community all over the world. Her time with Anusara Yoga introduced her to great philosophy scholars and brilliant asana teachers. At this point in Ashley’s yoga studies, she is taking that foundation and expanding beyond her previous boundaries. She is currently collaborating with Doreen Madison and Danny White on expanding her current yoga school, Shraddhaa School of Yoga.

Ashley loves holding space for the practice of kirtan and currently offers kirtan with Danny White and Ted Blake of Vanara every Monday evening at the TYC. Kirtan is an amazing bhakti yoga practice that has the potential to open your heart and raise your vibration. Sharing in this practice has taken Ashley’s devotion to another level and opened her heart more than words can describe. She can also be heard on the Clapping Monkey’s album, Evolution.

Ashley and her husband Chris enjoy raising their two children on native land in the hills of Temecula’s wine country. She also loves romping around with her family in nature, raising goats, and eating chocolate.

You can visit her website and the websites here.